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InvestEdge Planning Service Packages

InvestEdge Planning specializes in getting you retirement ready; and we do all of this with a boutique-style approach that holistically encompasses retirement planning, forward-looking tax planning, and investment management (passive or strategic/tactical). Our goal is to optimize your retirement income and minimize your tax bill. After a Complimentary Consultation or Good Fit Meeting, we will schedule a Discovery Call to better understand your needs, challenges, goals, and to get organized. Details of services and fee schedules are listed below. Our commitment to you is to always be transparent, have no hidden fees, and offer you excellence in service. Review Our Process for more details.


When analyzing services, the ongoing Asset Management service offers the highest value and gives you the best opportunity to build and preserve your wealth over time. Essentially, you can employ a trusted advisor & CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ to work year-round to help you navigate everchanging life events and market cycles; this is crucial for protecting your wealth specifically during uncertain times and bear markets. Click Read More on how the value of ongoing asset management compares to a one-time financial or retirement plan. 

Limited Scope Financial Planning is also offered at the rate of $250 per hour and may be negotiable in certain cases. Limited Scope Financial Planning services may include investment portfolio analysis without the asset management service, exclusive tax planning, tax-loss harvesting for taxable accounts and trusts, college savings planning, large purchase planning, post-retirement needs or goals, financial coaching services, stock options management, or any specific financial need. 

Example of Asset Management Quarterly fee schedule for Investable assets of $1.5 Mil:

1% for $1.5 Mil in assets= $15,000 yearly, $3750 payable quarterly on the last business day


* Assets under management (AUM) fee is based on quarter-end Account values


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