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Shannon Grey, CFP®, CRPC®, MPAS® 

InvestEdge Planning
InvestEdge Planning

Asset Management:

A Wealth Plan Designed to Help You Build and Protect Your Assets

The custodian for all account funds and assets with InvestEdge Planning is Charles Schwab & Co. 

  A  Relationship to Inspire and Guide you through Every Step of  Your Financial Journey

A Custom-tailored Financial or Retirement Plan prepared for you, updated Annually

Quarterly Portfolio Meetings & Check-In

On-Demand Appointment Request for any financial needs

Debt Management and Savings Plan tailored to help you build wealth

Annual Forward-Looking Tax Planning (prior-year tax return required)

Ongoing Investment Management tailored to your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon

A balanced portfolio is maintained to reduce risk across asset classes (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, index funds, bond funds or bonds, high-yield savings & cash)

Equity investment research incorporates fundamental valuation and key risk indicators

Tax loss harvesting available for taxable accounts

Quarterly Portfolio Performance Report 

An annual overview of Estate Planning and Risk Management (Insurance analysis)

For Retirees, Retirement Plan income and drawdown distribution planning

Ongoing Market and Economic Commentary

Monthly Newsletter & Periodic Educational webinars

Updates and ongoing education on navigating Social Security & Medicare benefits

Long-term care planning without utilizing LTC Insurance, Annuities or Life-Insurance 

Access to professionals for insurance, mortgage, finance needs, etc.

College savings plan for each child with a comparison of colleges, scholarships, grants, etc

Equity Compensation: RSUs, ISOs, NSOs, etc.- Planning and Tax Analysis

End-of-life financial matters in good order- Health Power of Attorney, DNR, beneficiaries, etc.

& More


1% Annual Fee for Asset Management

$525,000 account

$525,000 x .01= $5,250 is the annual fee, paid quarterly

Calculation derived from closing account value of the last business day for the quarter


​$1312.50 due the last business day of the quarter


Account Value = Annual   Advisory Fee

 $500K- $2 Mil= 1%

> $2 Mil - $3 Mil= .90%

> $3 Mil - $4 Mil= .80%

> $4 Mil - $5 Mil= .70%

> $5 Mil or more = Negotiable


*Payable Quarterly-

The last business day of

March, June, September, and December.

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